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Hey guys! It's Thomas DeLauer your lead nutritionist and also the creator of Science Based Six Pack, the Intermittent Fasting program, which you can check out here:

Alright so I've been catching a lot of flack lately from people wondering why I am big on high glycemic carbohydrates when it comes down to breaking a fast.

Well, I thought that merited an explanation. You see, when it comes down to a fasting period, we become very insulin sensitive. Now what insulin sensitivity is, is when your body's actual release of insulin is determined by how much food you eat. So if you are more insulin sensitive for example, less carbs are going to cause more of an insulin response.

If you're insulin resistant, or you're not creating a whole lot of insulin, that means you can consume a lot of carbs and your insulin levels aren't going to change all that much. Now we don't want to be insulin resistant, we want to be insulin sensitive…one of the main benefits of fasting.

0:47 When you consume carbs, your blood sugar levels rise, and your pancreas starts to produce insulin…this instructs cells to absorb blood sugar for energy and/or storage.

1:29 Insulin also stimulates protein synthesis and enhances the transport of amino acids – so by consuming carbs with your protein you'll be able to increase the absorption of protein.

3:26 Spiking your insulin and maintaining it low is optimal for breaking a fast.

So it's pretty darn simple – how you break your fast is critical, and it's going to make or break the result of your intermittent fasting program, which you can check out here:

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