Fat reduction: “I have a healthy sattu drink each day to keep suit”

My breakfast: I usually complete my breakfast right before 8 am on most times, which is commonly a thing like cereals, dry muesli with curd or chilly milk.

My lunch: My lunchtime is concerning 1-1:30 pm when I have whatever is cooked at residence, these as rice with veggies.

My dinner: I have a tendency to preserve my dinners light. 2-3 chapatis with greens. I also lowered my salt ingestion in my diet.

Pre-exercise meal: Nothing at all

Submit-training meal: Cinnamon inexperienced tea and sattu (gram flour) experienced with sizzling h2o and organic and natural honey.

I indulge in (What you take in on your cheat times): While I try to consume healthful on most days, I indulge by owning some fried snacks like samosa or cheese momos in some cases.

Lower-calorie recipes I swear by: Healthful salad created out of cucumber, sprouts, tomato, refreshing cottage cheese (dressing manufactured out olive oil, lemon juice and a sprint of black salt)

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