5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster With Intermittent Fasting

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Hey guys it's Thomas here and today I want to give you 5 tips to accelerate the fat-burning benefits of intermittent fasting.

You've probably seen that fasting is one of the largest growing ways to get in amazing shape…but, let's take it up a notch and start figuring out what needs to happen in order to experience the results you want faster.

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0:30 So the first thing I want you to do when you are in your fasted state, is to start drinking black coffee. So many people think that you shouldn't be consuming coffee when you're fasting. The thing is, it depends on what kind of fast you're doing.

0:49 Black coffee when combined with fasting is great for detoxing and body composition.

1:21 Number two, is to add potassium to your diet. Why? Because insulin and potassium work hand in hand. When you combine the two together, you are better able to absorb the nutrients from your food when you do break your fast.

2:42 Now #3 is making sure you get a good night of sleep the days before you fast. If you did not sleep well, it would be best to skip that day and wait for a day when you slept well the night before. Why? Because when we are sleep deprived, our cortisol levels are very high.

3:10 Cortisol is a hormone that increases the body's blood sugar in response to stress or low blood sugar.

This is a survival process to create more energy, so we don't necessarily want that when we are fasting, as less sleep equals more hunger.

3:56 The 4th one is drink more water. Studies have shown in the obesity journal that those who consume enough water lost 44% more weight than those that didn't.

4:22 Lastly, increase your magnesium and sodium intake. These will help your brain work better. When you are fasting, you are unfortunately in a mineral deficient state…you're not consuming a lot of minerals, so your body is going to end up needing more, and pure trace minerals aren't going to break a fast. Magnesium will relax your muscles so you're not so tense, and sodium will allow you to retain more water so you stay hydrated.

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5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster
5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster
5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster
5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster
5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster

5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster

5 Tips To Losing Weight Faster