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Side by Side Comparison of the Top Weight Loss Dietary Guides

A consistent food plan is always the best foundation of an effective weight loss dietary to burn unhealthy body fat. As each person is different, it may take some time for you or your personal nutritionist to determine the best diet plan to lose weight without risking your health.
The main purpose of a diet plan is to help an individual to lose weight but to find the right weight loss dietary is a tedious long-term process that requires patience, trials and errors.

In this regard, three products presented above are on the top of any other weight loss guidebook in the market around the world and have been best-selling for more that 5 years.

1- Custom Keto Weight Loss Diet Full Review
2- Mediterrean Weight Loss Diet Full Review
3- Smoothies Weight Loss Diet     Full Review

Why Weight Loss Dietary is the Best Approach to Fight Unhealthy Fat

There are many ways to lose weight, but combining a weight loss dietary food plan with exercise will enable you to maintain your body shape. Exercise can be a fast walk for 15-20 minutes 3-5 times a week. Walking is good to oil the joints and for the cardiovascular system. With a diet weight loss plan, exercise is really effective.

A healthy weight loss dietary should be realistic and help you look and feel sensational. Avoid any diet plan based on self-starvation. The most successful diets are the one that requires you a change in your perception about nutrition and food, instead of starving or embarking in heavy exercises that may cause you injuries.

You probably have already experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of weight loss dietary and you may fell frustrated at this point, but it is important understanding that your success depends a lot from your eating behavior and determination in following the best known common sense approach to permanent fat loss.

You can begin to drop those unwanted pounds fast if you are willing to do this one simple thing: Make a few diet changes. In other words, be willing to provide your body with the proper nutrition it needs. To accomplish this, you must eat food with a food plan and not just eat to be eating. You must be willing to learn how to prepare your own meals and not eat the fat producing fast foods and processed foods that have caused you to be overweight.

Processed foods are unhealthy because they are full of chemical additives, sugars, preservatives, coloring, etc. These not only cause you to be overweight with stubborn fat storage, but they can cause you to have de-generative dis-eases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes, kidney failure, cancers, and even mental disorders. So you see, the problem is more than just being overweight. Being overweight is a health problem.

Thus, a consistent weight loss dietary plan is only half of the battle, determination and commitment will go a long way to help you achieve your dietary goals. You maybe you have tried in the pat some diets, drop only few pounds of your actual weight and it all came back, so you gave up. But you must understand that persistence is one of virtues that you need to cultivate and along with the right guidance, you can achieve the desired body shape.

Along with your weight loss dietary plan, you should also make daily exercise a part of your routine. Just a brisk walk each day, walking the dog or getting off the bus a stop early will do wonders for your weight loss program and overall wellbeing. As the time goes and by seeing progress on your fat loss goals, you will feel yourself getting slim and find out that you can do more in the way of exercising, swimming and cycling, which are good aerobic activities to lose weight naturally.

How do you start a weight loss dietary food plan?

1. Take a Metabolism typing test to discover what diet type you are: There are 3 metabolism types: Protein type; Carbohydrate Type; and mixed type. Don’t worry, this is just a simple questionnaire. Once you know what your metabolism type is, you know what foods you should be eating the most of, and what foods you should not be eating much of. The best way is to know your blood type as well. This is the most accurate typing.

2. Make a food list of the foods based on your metabolism type and learn how to prepare your foods: so they will be healthy for your body. For example, steam your vegetables under 118 degrees so you don’t cook the life out of them. Whole food fruits and vegetables are full of live enzymes.

Enzymes are protein catalyst your body must have to carry out its organ function, such as metabolism. Instead of frying your meats, simmer them in a covered skillet using olive oil. No longer deep fry your foods using the hydrogenated oils. They cause high blood pressure by building plaque on the walls of your veins and arteries and cause (LDL) low-density lipoprotein Cholesterol.

3. Hydrate your body with water and keep away from other fat producing drinks: To keep your body healthy and hydrated; drink water only, NOTHING else! Other drinks such as soda pop, energy drinks, coffee, and Kool-Aid are harmful and can interfere negatively to your weight loss dietary. These drinks not only help cause obesity, but they can help cause diabetes and kidney problems.

4. Develop a workout routine of exercises that are designed to burn fat in those stubborn abdominal, flabby arms, hips, and love handle areas: The best exercises for this that work your whole body is squats with raising any amount of weight. Add forward and reverse lunges, push-ups, and mountain climbers. Of course be sure to stretch before and after your workout.

5. Be sure to eat several meals and healthy snacks each day so you don’t put your body in starvation mode: which causes your body to keep its fat stored. You easily and quickly drop your first few pounds of fat quickly and easily with these few dietary changes on your part and the results will be incredible. Hundreds of people around the world have been using these tips with great success and easily losing pounds of unwanted fat.

Are you up for this challenge? Apply these easy weight loss dietary rules to your own food plan for the next 2 weeks and I know you will be seeing some amazing results in no time.

Finally, ensure that your weight loss dietary is well-balanced because under or over eating, I mean, not having enough of the healthy foods your body need each day, or intake too many types of food and drink, which are low in fibers or high in fat, salt and/or sugar are both harmful to your health and may put your life in danger.